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The Case For Window Treatments

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Window treatments can add so much to any room or space. They help to “define” the area, give it ambience and character, and change the look and feel of the room or space.

Yet, they are a form of decorating (as oposed to design) and, except for the most basic of window treatments (e.g. sheers), they are very personal and depend on one’s personal tastes coupled with the room/space décor, coloring and themes, if any. Consequently, we do not recommend adding or replacing window treatments (unless necessary) when staging a property for sale. Why spend all that money and take a risk that your tastes and potential buyers won’t coincide. In smaller rooms, some window treatments can even make the room or space appear smaller still; something you don’t want to do when staging.

For all other situations though, window treatments can add warmth, color, character and “mood” to an area without equal. They can be the ‘perfect’ finishing touch and give the area that "completed" look of a well designed and decorated area. They can even be used to create or enhance a marvelous focal point for a room or space.

Window treatments can get very expensive and they can be done incorrectly. They should compliment (not clash or compete with) the décor and colors in the room or space. They should not overpower the window they are meant to enhance and adorn. [By this we mean that their size and shape should be proportional to the window and not too large.]

With window treatments, we recommend that the buyer first settle on the design of the room or space, the large furnishings and the wall colors/coverings before selecting window treatments. We also recommed that they get an unbiased, second opinion before making a final selection. Better yet, you could get the advice and help of an experienced designer decorator.

When done correctly, window treatments yield amazing results.


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